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1. Membership Help

Question about my Membership, login, billing, rebills, failed logins and cancel

1.1. My login does not work?

Login problems are almost always due to something we can help with.

Possible Problems for login:

You mistyped your username, password or secret word. User/pass are CaSe-SensiTIvE! (joesmith is NOT the same as JoeSmith). Please double check the spelling of your user name and password, including upper and lower case.

Did you enter your login properly? Contact us to retrieve your correct login. (Also, be sure to type in the secret word shown in the image on the login page correctly.)

You entered the wrong login too many times and now your IP is blocked. Contact us to reset your IP. Your membership has expired. You may need to re-subscribe.

Need help with Login? Let us know! We are glad to assist. Use our Contact Support in the headline or direct mail us to support@costumerhelp.com. Answer should be take 4-12 hours (on weekend and holidays 8-24 hours)

1.2. I forgot my username?

Do you still have the confirmation email that we sent to you when you first joined? If so, all of your login information is there. If not, contact us and we are get you rolling again shortly.

We are glad to assist. Use our Contact Support in the headline or direct mail us to support@costumerhelp.com. Answer should be take 4-12 hours (on weekend and holidays 8-24 hours)

1.3. What is a rebill?

Your membership automatically renews so that you may continue to enjoy the site without having to re-subscribe. Your membership will not expire until you cancel. You may do so at any time here or contact us for assistance.

1.4. When will my account rebill?

Your account will rebill at the same time frame that you initially joined for. For example, a one-year membership will renew once per year, a one-month membership will rebill every 30 days, etc. Please note that a trial membership renews after the trial period at the one-month rate and will continue on the one-month billing cycle. We are be glad to provide specific rebill information if you like to contact us.

1.5. How can I cancel my rebills?

You may cancel at any time. You have the entire time of your membership, up until the rebill date to cancel. When you cancel, it means that you will not be rebilled, but you will have access for the entire remainder of your subscription. Once your access expires, you will need to rejoin for continued access.

If you would like to cancel your membership, please select the biller that you joined through below. (This information is on your confirmation email. If you have lost that, please Contact Support in the headline via form or direct mail us to support@costumerhelp.com

2. Technical Help / Members FAQ

Technical question of watching movies, streaming formats download help

2.1. Using the Streaming Player?

We are using differents formats for displaying the movies HLC streaming and Mp4 for download and streaming

The player will start with HLC Streaming (depending on your internet connection it might be you see a lower resolution please use the format selector to switch between following resolution)

  • 1920p - VR 30 fps - Smartphone / Low fast Quali
  • 1920p - VR 60 fps - Smartphone / High Quali
  • 2880p - VR - for Gear
  • 3840p - VR - for Ocolus Rift
  • 1920p - PC Version 1920p without VR

  • 2.2. Mp4 Stream and Download in best resolution?

    It is also possible to stream direct the Mp4 file or download the scene as mp4 file to your computer by using the drop down fields in the right above the player. If the video is marked as 4k Ultra HD you can download it here

    Normally the movie start with adaptive streaming, means it choose automatic the resolution, below the player you find the resolution button for manually select the quality of the streaming

    2.3. How i can download and stream 4k Ultra HD Movies?

    Some Scenes in our network are offered as 4k Ultra HD movies with a resolution 3840x2160. these Movies marked with a 4k logo on the thumbs

    In the streaming option with HLC there are only up to 1080p displayed. If you want to download or stream the ultra 4k mp4 version (you need a very high internet connection for streaming) please download or stream the mp4 version (as it is explain in 2.2)

    2.4. Displaying pictures of the movie?

    Every scene also offering a lot of high quality thumbs for displaying the related pictures just go on "Caps" above the movie player and click on the thumbs to open the gallery viewer

    2.5. Interact with the movies (Comment / Rating / Favorite / Reporting)

    To make our service more interesting and planing new models or content there are several ways we need your help.

    • Rating the Movies/Models - on the movie or model page you have the choise to rate the content
    • Comment - below the movie you will find a line for comments
    • Report Problems - use these field above the movie player if there where any problems
    • Add To Favorites - left above the player to add/remove the content to your favorit list

    3. General Help FAQ?

    Generall informations and privacy policy

    3.1. Title 18, Section 2257 Compliance

    In compliance with United States Code, Title 18, Section 2257, all models, actors, actresses and other persons who appear in any visual depiction of sexually explicit conduct appearing or otherwise contained in or at this site were over the age of eighteen years at the time of the creation of such depictions. Records required to be maintained pursuant to U.S.C. Title 18, Section 2257 are kept by the custodian of records

    With respect to all visual depictions displayed on this website, whether of actual sexually explicit conduct, simulated sexual content or otherwise, all persons in said visual depictions were at least 18 years of age when said visual depictions were created.

    3.2. Why am I getting email from you?

    We have a strict email privacy policy. We have a firm commitment to your privacy and the protection of your information and we will never share or sell personal information.

    If you have received an email and news from us, you have opted-in to receive our newsletter, or you have previously registered or purchased from us. We respect your time by controlling the frequency of our mailings and only mail you about news that we think that you would be interested in.

    If you have received unwanted or unsolicited email, please contact us and you will be removed from our mailing list or via one click you can do this automaticly.

    4. Virtual Reality Movies Help

    Information about optimal handle with VR Content

    Virtual Reality is one of the newest and hottest ways to watch videos. You get to immerse yourself in an experience that is even better than 3D films you may have had the chance to watch in the past. VR videos are 3D computer crafted pieces of material that you can not only explore, but also interact with. Dont just watch anymore, be a part of the action!

    4.1. Can I watch without Internet?

    Please download our VR videos for the first time from our movie page by selecting the correct format. Once you have downloaded our videos onto your computer or smartphone, you can watch them without using the internet.

    We have following VR MP4 files aviable for download:

    • 1080P Full HD / Resolution 1920x1080
    • 720P HD / Resolution 1280x720
    • 480P DVD Quality / Resolution 640x480
    • 240P Quality / Resolution 320x240 low quality

    • 4.2. How do I watch your VR videos on GearVR?

      Check to see if you have the MILK VR application installed on your smartphone. If not, please download it from the Oculus App. Download the video to your computer and connect your smartphone to your computer.

      Copy the video file to:
      Card\MilkVR or
      Place your smartphone into your GearVR and open the MilkVR application. Select the video you just copied, and enjoy!

      Note: If you cant find the MilkVR folder, create it at the root directory: \MilkVR

      4.3. How to I watch VR videos on my Oculus Headset?

      Videos are currently supported by the following Oculus players:

      VR Player:

      An experimental Virtual Reality Media Player for Head-Mounted Display devices like Oculus Rift. MaxVR:

      Not free, but easy to set up. Just download the app and apply these settings:
      Stereo 3D/2D type: Side by Side 3D.
      Screen Type: Dome (180 / 360 in front ) screen.


      This option works directly with the Oculus Rift and offers a fully customizable set of advanced 3D calibration features. Follow these steps and adjust the settings for an optimal viewing experience. Rift Display Mode in “Extended Desktop”

      Open LiveViewRift

      Type: Video
      Path: Select the video file
      Press Start
      Press H key until you see the HUD
      Press E key until you see “LR”
      Press P key until you see “equir”
      Press J/K keys until equir is at 180
      Press N/M keys until equir lat is at 180
      Press S/D keys until Converge is at 0
      Press Up/Down keys until Repair is at 0
      You can control the vertical pitch with Z/U keys

      4.4. How to play movies on Playstation VR?

      Download the movie from our website onto your computer.
      Transfer the videos to your USB device.
      Connect the USB to the Playstation device.
      Play with Media Player Mode v2.50. (PlayStation 4’s Media Player v2.50 update will be available for free to all PS4 owners from 13th October 2016)

      4.5. VR movies are freezing and jumpy!?

      Some older smartphones may experience problems playing in the highest resolution such as ULTRA HD videos. However you can still play the lovwer quality movie from our website.